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KPSA is a group of alumni of Keta Secondary School which exist to connect with each other to promote the welfare of its members and support the school.

The Ketasco Past Students Association ( KPSA) affectionately called “Dzolalians” are a group of past students of Keta Secondary School that have constituted themselves with a common objective of promoting the welfare of “Mother Dzo lali”, its ardent members committed to friendship and volunteerism.

The group organizes events, fundraisers and other activities to help strengthen the school community and provide support and resources to current students.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can usually find a link to your school’s website on the school’s main page or by searching for the school’s name online. Keta Senior High Technical School

    Login to to Students Portal Enter your Student ID and Password. You will able to view your grades or transcripts online by logging into your account. Contact Admin if you have any challenge

    No! Ketasco Past Students’ Association is an Association whose membership is restricted to past Dzolalians. Anyone who admires the association can freely donate or join programs organized by the association but will only be recognized as such.