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The Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO) has earmarked year-long activities to celebrate the 70th-anniversary celebration of the school.
Founded on 27th February 1953, KETASCO is a prestigious mixed academic institution that was started as a secondary school for both boys and girls
by the late Mr. Nathan Quao as the Pioneer Headmaster.

The 70th-anniversary celebration is under the theme; “KETASCO@70: RETROSPECT AND PROSPECT”.
Speaking at the launch at R.S Amegashie Hall, University Of Ghana Business School in Accra, Saturday 21st May 2022, Dzolalian Dr. Annie Tagbor
revealed activities to mark the anniversary including Dzolali diaries, public lectures, newsletter, pitches by students, revealing the mascot, fundraising
strategies and Dzolali connect.

The school headmaster Dzolalian Isacc Dzidzienyo also gave a speech where he touted some achievements of the school and its contribution to
nation-building. According to him, KETASCO has produced many professionals in the field of academia, the clergy, legal luminaries, medical
practitioners’, governance, sports, and creative arts among others, who are serving the nation in diverse ways and as well as contributing to the
development of Ghana.

“The school has produced excellent results over the years, at certain periods Ketasco was part of the top schools in Ghana. In the national science and
mathematics quiz competition, the school was in the semi-finals in 2008,2018, 2019, and 2020. This is not a mere achievement. In 2021 Ketasco
performed in the NSQM competition final held in Kumasi. The brightness of our students and contestants blew the minds of all and sundry.


The entire nation, for that matter the world continues to celebrate our performance. It is one of the sought-after schools in terms of discipline. This
became very eminent this year when we had an admission. Parents whose wards were placed in other schools came kneeling down crying emotionally
so that their daughters and sons will be accepted in KETASCO.”

He also alerted the alumni of some problems the school is facing. According to him, the school has issues with the assembly hall, inadequate teachers,
inadequate washrooms, inadequate beds, dining hall furniture not enough, and also the science laboratory lacking equipment for students to use for
their practicals.


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